Responsibility for the environment and well-being

Our core competence is the product development and manufacture of tested low-energy ventilation units. The product’s entire life cycle is designed for ease of selection, installation and servicing.

Best user experiences

Energent Oy was founded in 1982, and its early operations focused on ventilation units for special applications. Today, the focus is on select market segments ranging from housing companies and day-care centres to public construction projects and industry. We offer pre-tested ventilation units that function with low total cost throughout their service life. The brand image of Rtek by Energent is built on the best user experiences and investment in sustainable development and a fresher future. The comprehensive product selection includes advanced and easily deployed ventilation units that meet many different needs. Finding the most suitable unit is easy thanks to our Presimer design software.

Responsibility for the environment and energy consumption

Environmental considerations are an important focus area for us, and we consider them in all of our products from design to production, logistics and recycling. All Energent products are designed for energy-efficiency and maximum service life. Our energy-efficient low-energy units are marked with the green e symbol and meet the Ecodesign Directive 125/EC/2009. We follow a certified quality and environmental management system that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

Our environmental policy guarantees that we actively strive to reduce the environmental impact of processes, products and services. Only first-rate, recyclable materials are used in the production process. We avoid using unnecessary packaging material, and even small amounts of surplus materials are recycled. Approximately 97% of the small amount of waste generated by the process is fully recyclable. Approximately 0.1% is classified as hazardous waste.