Real estate, tourism and housing companies

Holiday Club

Rtek ventilation units are used at several Holiday Club resorts, such as Vuokatti and Saimaa. We have wanted to do our share to create comfortable, healthy and high-quality holiday homes and leisure opportunities in Finland. Pleasant and fresh indoor air is an essential part of a great holiday experience.

Housing companies Pellaksen Kruunu, Pellaksen Linna and Pellaksen Loiste

The three housing companies in Pellaslaakso, Espoo comprise five new blocks of flats, and their ventilation is maintained by five Rtek RVM VV58-CO units. The units are complete one-piece units containing counterflow heat recovery, block defrost dampers, built-in compressor cooling mechanism and pre-installed electrification.

Kiinteistö Oy Lapuan Teora

Lapuan Teora is a real estate company with 60 housing units; the net floor area (2,768 m2) includes residential and treatment rooms, group facilities and social premises, kitchens and storage rooms. The ventilation of all these different premises is handled by 10 Rtek units with counterflow heat exchangers. The units are vertical, meaning that the duct outlets are on top of the unit. This is an ideal solution when units must have a small footprint.