By far the best one-piece unit. Vertical and fully assembled one-piece unit with efficient EC fans and energy-saving, high-efficiency heat recovery options. Space-saving structure, duct outlets on top of the unit. Pre-assembled with an electrical and control panel and a heat control assembly. Ideal for renovation sites, for example; no need for a separate ventilation machine room. Millenier has all the best components and features that today’s ventilation units must have. Meets the Ecodesign Directive 125/EC/2009.




Air flow range 0.2–2.0 m3/s

First-rate energy-efficiency, operating efficiency up to 87%

Optimised Specific Fan Power (SFP) as low as 1.7 kW/(m3/s)

Ready-to-install one-piece units with a controller or a control panel switchgear linked to the building automation.

Available with a cross-flow (HLL), rotary (PR) or counterflow (VV) heat exchanger

Post-heating water or electricity

User-friendly and maintenance-friendly technology, compatible with many automation solutions

Excellent noise reduction

Diverse cooling options

Two-year warranty

Heat recovery bypass dampers or block defrost dampers

High-precision design data with Presimer design software

VTT-tested machines