Olvi Plc

Energent Oy supplied its first ventilation unit to the filling department of Olvi’s brewery in Iisalmi in 1996. As the brewery company has grown and expanded its operations, we have supplied our units to several Olvi factories, including AS A. Le Coq in Tartu, Estonia, AS Cesu Alus Cesis in Latvia and OAO Lidskoe Pivo in Belarus. Our units also maintain the ventilation at Olvi Ab Ragutis (currently Volfas Engelman) factories in Lithuania. The units we have supplied to the various Olvi facilities ventilate a staggering 425 m3 of air per second – energy-efficiently!

Ponsse Plc

The first Energent ventilation unit was delivered to Ponsse’s Vieremä factory at the beginning of the 21st century, and the partnership has stayed strong ever since. It is a testament to Ponsse’s faith in our expertise that we have been involved in almost all of Ponsse’s factory and facilities expansion projects and have supplied Ponsse with a total of 18 energy-efficient ventilation units so far. In addition to the forestry equipment factory in Vieremä, our units are also used at the Iisalmi logistics centre and Ponsse’s maintenance service units in different parts of Finland. The units we have supplied to Ponsse ventilate 56 m3 of air per second – continuously. Many of the members of Ponsse’s subcontractor network have also discovered how ideally suited our units are for mechanical engineering conditions.