Roof ventilation units range from outdoor-fitted supply air machines to complete plug-and-play EGK roof ventilation units. A roof ventilation unit is equipped with the necessary filtration, noise reduction, cooling and heating functions. The unit is delivered fully furnished. Plug-and-play roof ventilation units are used especially in locations where the necessary indoor floor area must be conserved for productive work or the project schedule is particularly fast-paced.




Meets the Ecodesign Directive 125/EC/2009

Available with a cross-flow (HLL), rotary (PR) or counterflow (VV) heat exchanger

Direct-drive AC or EC fans

Available with a controller or a control panel switchgear linked to the building automation.

Includes piping, electrification, plumbing, heating and lighting

Air flow range 1–20 m3/s

Two-year warranty