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New website

Our new website has been opened. The pages are designed to accommodate various screen sizes.

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Presimer design software update 2016.03.22

Presimer design software has been updated to version 2016.03.22. The update includes the correction of the problem associated with HLL equipment.

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The Strongest in Finland 2016

Energent has been awarded the Strongest in Finland 2016 certificate.

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RTEK by Energent brochure

Go here to the browsing version of the updated brochure >

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HLL counter current heat exchange machine

Our new machines with HLL counter current heat exchange meet the requirements of the 2016 Ecodesign Directive.

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Our dimensioning program has been named Presimer. The name reflects the precision and accuracy.

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Ecodesign 01.01.2016

Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC Regulation (EU) No 1253/2015 interpretation Ecodesign Directive defines the minimum requirements for the machines sold in the EU. If a written order for ventilation units or heat recovery equipment is made in the year 2015 or earlier, the product has been made available on the market and it can be physically delivered…

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The highest AAA credit rating for Energent

Energent has received the highest AAA credit rating. This year, only 2.57 per cent of companies have reached the highest rating.

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Energent MagiCAD plug-in

MagiCAD plug-in is a joint program that combines the ventilation equipment MagiCAD for AutoCAD of our dimensioning program. By using MagiCAD joint program, you will make your work easier and faster. See also the completely new properties of the joint program, such as update AHU. Download Energent MagiCAD plug-in > Operating Instructions Energent MagiCAD plug-in…

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Demo video of the dimensioning program

Check out the dimensioning program by the demo video using this link >

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